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Drama Club

Lord of the Flies by Wiliam Golding (Script: Nigel Williams), March 2019


The Theatre Studio:  

-will offer students both challenge and inspiration within a safe and caring environment.



The transformative power of the arts

‘We depict what we think people and things are like and we make sense of our world through these depictions’ Brian Way

For education to be effective, children need to develop a positive self-concept, the knowledge that they are valued, that they can succeed, that what they say and do and make is worthy of consideration. Where they can act constructively upon their environment they will discover meaning in their world and thus the excitement of learning.


By Doing deepen skill levels through: Movement, voice, characterisation and production elements

Consolidate- skills of communication, (listening and verbalisation), co-operation, concentration and control.

By Playing – monologues and scene excerpts, and by improvising some plays. Students will study the works of some playwrights, and their social impact, from eras throughout history.

Devised age appropriate units of work will be performed to an invited audience at the end of each Semester.

Drama Club (The Theatre Studio) will take place in the school hall/stage on Thursdays from 3.30pm – 4.30pm.

Tricia Herman (Director)


The Company: in order to become members of this drama group, students will be required to audition.

This group will study theatre in greater depth; Movement, Poetry, Characterisation, Plays, Playwrights and self-devised drama, documentary theatre and Production.

It will be assumed that these students have already attained a level of concentration and control and are ready to be challenged.

I envisage that this group will be in Production, either to share work in process, occasional scenes from plays studied or Workshops; experiencing all production elements.

Our main study will be Konstantin Stanislavski, the great, Russian actor, director, and reformer of the theatre, who spent his life searching for the secret of inspiration…. ‘When an actor is inspired his emotions flow, his actions are real..his performance is clear to the audience; in short, the actor reincarnates himself as the character.’ ‘Stanislavski Revealed’ by Sonia Moore.

The Company will meet in the school hall/stage on Thursdays from 4.30 – 5.30pm