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What is BYOD?

Digital technology and its use permeates all areas of the school curriculum.  The Bring Your Own Device Program requires students in Years 7, 8,  9 & 10 (2020) to bring a personally owned computing device to school every day for the purpose of learning.

Click here for Balgowlah Boys Campus BYOD Policy for 2020.

How does BYOD work?

  • Students are free to bring any device which meets the Minimum Requirements that are set by the school and outlined on the following page.
  • The device must have the hardware and software to allow their full participation in all class activities.
  • The school can provide assistance; however, it is still your own device and it is the student's responsibility to keep it safe and secure.
  • If you are not able to bring a computer to school due to financial difficulties, please see the Principal.

Purchasing a device

You can choose to purchase any device you wish as long as it meets the school’s minimum requirements. The following links are provided for your reference. Please note, Balgowlah Boys Campus does not have any affiliation with the companies listed below. This is purely as a reference point to assist you in choosing a suitable device.




Please do not feel limited by the providers listed above your device can be purchased from any location.

Minimum requirements

What Device should students bring?

A tablet is not an option for our BYOD program. Students are to bring a device with a physical keyboard attachment and mouse option. The device specifications recommended by the school are set out below.

  Minimum Device Specifications


The device must have a physical keyboard attachment and a mouse option.

Operating system

Windows 10 or later

Mac OS X 10.13 or later


Wireless access required

Screen Size


Storage Capacity

128GB SSD or HDD

Battery Life

6 Hours  minimum (Advertised battery life)


4GB Minimum


Things to consider                




SSD (recommended)


Consider a light option. Remember this is to be carried all day.


Consider how durable the device is. Consider buying a case.




Operating System

As above (minimum requirements)

Web Browser

Google Chrome recommended – any current web browser is acceptable.

Word Processor

Any word processor is acceptable, Students can get Microsoft Word for free via their student portal.  There will be other software needs for specific subjects. This information will be provided to students at school. 

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